Return and Refund Policy for Avais Store

Welcome to the return and refund policy for our store, “Avais Store.” We are committed to providing a positive and satisfactory shopping experience for our customers in Palestine. Please read our policy carefully before making any purchase, as this policy outlines your rights and obligations regarding refund and return requests.

Return and Refund Period:
We accept refund and return requests within a period of up to 3 days from the delivery date. After this period, refund or return requests will only be accepted in case of manufacturing defects.

Return and Refund Conditions:
The product must be in its original and unused condition.
The original invoice or proof of purchase must be provided.
Product inspection may be conducted before processing a refund or return.
Products that have been opened or used.
Products damaged due to misuse.
Products without company tags or unauthorized modifications.

Requesting a Return or Refund:
Contact customer service during the specified refund period.
Provide order information and the reason for the refund or return.
Wait for confirmation and follow the provided instructions.

Fees and Shipping:
In the case of a refund, reasonable administrative fees may be deducted.
Shipping costs are not covered in the case of a return unless there is a product defect.
Receiving Shipments from the Shipping Company:
Accepting the shipment from the shipping company indicates that the customer acknowledges the carton is intact and in good condition, and it has not been opened before acceptance.

Retaining Products:
In the case of a refund or return, the product and original accessories must be retained.
Refund Amounts:

Full refund: The amount will be refunded to the same payment method.
Payment method: The amount will be refunded to the same payment method used.
Processing Time:

The processing time for the amount to reach you may vary according to the bank or financial institution’s policy.
Bank/PayPal/Visa/MasterCard transaction fees will be deducted from the order value during the refund process, along with bank transfer costs.
Shipping Costs:

In the case of a return due to a product defect, the store will bear the shipping costs.
We strive to ensure a satisfactory shopping experience for you. If you have any inquiries, please contact customer service via email or phone.